Is there a startup cost?
Because DogePos is web based, there is no hardware to buy, and no setup costs.
What about a fee?
There are no monthly fees. Eventually our transaction fee will be 1%. Right now, during our private beta, there is 0 transaction fee.
Where does my money go?
When you process a transaction, your cryptocurrency is stored in our secure wallet in an account just for you. You can withdraw your money at any time.
Can I withdraw direct to fiat/USD?
Soon. We are working on a solution to allow users to cash out via Vault of Satoshi.
What about security?
Our site is SSL encrypted, with many security checks in place. Our wallet is on a separate server and not directly accessible from the internet. Our servers are hosted off site with a very reputable hosting company.
Are you a real company?
Yes! We are a real company, with real people working every day to make DogePos better. We aren’t some faceless online pseudonym - we exist, and we’re staking our reputation on DogePos.
Where are you located?
We’re located in St. Louis, Missouri, in the U.S. We share an office with Rampant Interactive, a partner company. Our address is 3101A Sutton Blvd. We like visitors - set up an appointment to come see us!

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